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  • We have played music together since we became a couple 27 years ago.
  • We are playing 150-180 concerts every year around the world – both for children and adults.
  • We compose, record and produce music in our own studio
  • We are dedicated to provide the music to the children.
  • We believe the children are our future – Teach them well and let them lead the way.
  • In 2013 our favorite dream of a little hideaway in Nice, France came true and you are welcome to rent it.

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When Sille & Palle come to town everyone is invited to play music together!

Together with 2 of the leading musicians in Denmark, the audience will be jumping and clapping, singing and swinging into the world of music – from Swing to Samba, Funk & Bossa and classics.

The concert presents classics by Duke Ellington, Ravel and Bela Bartok as well as songs with the Scandinavian sound and from their new album “Hey Baby” .

Sille & Palle don’t play for, but with the audience and there is plenty of room for improvisation, singing, clapping and dancing.
The body, paper as well as a giant ballon can be used as musical instruments. Even for the classical songs, new ways to play them will be revealed.

Sille & Palle have sold more than 50.000 CD´s for children and have toured with over 1000 concerts for the small ears for the last 18 years in Denmark, France, Germany, Greenland, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Belgium and in “The Concert hall of the Forbidden City”  and Shanghai Concert hall in China.

From the first moment Sille and Palle started to play they had the full attention from the large crowd of children and adults. They played generously through a captivating show that never lost momentum.Aarhus Jazzfestival – Denmark july 2015

Thanks for amazing concerts! You guys are super good! I love that you take children seriously, get a good interaction, are positive, responsive and match this with good music. Lovely! You are always welcome back
AnJazz Festival, Norway, May 2014

“Cindarella meets Pat Metheny”
Shanghai Jazzfestival

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