ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!


The Three Musicteers presents a fun and heartwarming “Classical meets Jazz” concert created with the audience –  children and adults.
The trio stimulates the senses and blends the depth and good melodies from the classical music with the more improvisational and playful approach from the world of jazz.
In a concert filled with timpani, glockenspiel, ukulele, electric guitar and marimba, the audience can play, dance and sing along to the greatest hits from the classic songbook with 3 top musicians from the Danish Royal Chapel and the Danish Jazz Scene.

The concert is founded on the musketeer motto “One for all – all for one”. Therefore, it includedes passages in which the audience is active in the music of Ravel’s Bolero, Carmen and playing with a giant balloon in a waltz by Strauss  and dance to Bartok.

A unique, playful and melodious music experience is waiting for kids and their parents.

The concert was made in collaboration with the Royal Danish Opera House in 2013 and the trio have since that played more than 50 concerts in festivals and schools.

The musicteres:

Sille Grønberg and Palle Windfeldt are two of the most experienced musicians in concerts for children. The two have played in several jazz orchestras and they are the composers behind the music from the popular children’s TV-program “Rosa from Rouladegade”. They have toured in France, Belgium, Estonia, Shanghai and the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing. Palle is also co-founder, composer and guitarist of Tango Orchestra.

Mathias Friis-Hansen is employed as a percussionist in the Royal Danish Chapel and the Athelas Sinfonietta. He is a member of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra and plays in PACE Percussion Trio. He has composed music for three performances and is a frequently used orchestral soloist.

Human Music // Strandgade 42, 2. 1401 KBH K // Tlf: Sille: 41 16 10 60 / Palle: 23 34 16 64 // Mail: // CVR: 34382921